About Us

MULTİ TOHUM is found in 1994. Our headquarters are in Antalya – Türkiye.

MULTİ TOHUM has been focusing exclusively on vegetable seeds since its foundation. Therefore, we are briefly a vegetable seed specialist company.

MULTİ TOHUM provides some of the most competitive varieties in the world, our breeding program is designed precisely to fulfill the market needs and demands.

MULTİ TOHUM is an exclusive distributor of Nickerson Zwaan b.v. – Holland a subsidiary firm to Group Limagrin, which is the largest vegetable company in the world.

MULTİ TOHUM's breeding program focuses mainly on tomato, cucumber, and pepper.

We believe that it is not enough to finalize the sales, MULTİ TOHUM follows up its products from the grower to the consumer via our well-experienced team of engineers.


  • To create Value,
  • To satisfy ones who produce, trade and consume,
  • To work continuously and ambitiously in the pursuit of success,


  • To be aware of our responsibilities in the industry,
  • To achieve success in each segment we work in,
  • To work with experienced and professional team players,
  • To value the satisfaction of everyone, from grower to consumer,
  • To be an industry-leading company.


  1. To perform organizational citizenship behavior and work for the success and well being of our company,
  2. To value our minors and seniors, help them in the workplace when in need and be respectful to each other,
  3. To be conscientious, reliable and respectful to ourselves, our customers and the world,
  4. To infuse our corporate identity to each of our team members and always work under our high moral principles,
  5. To prioritize customer satisfaction by punctually providing our services of a consistently high standard,
  6. To compete lawfully and ethically, to avoid and eliminate unfair, unethical competition between companies, products, and staff,
  7. To protect the life and well being of all Humans, to generate safe and sustainable solutions using technological solutions,
  8. To eliminate pollution, effectively and efficiently use natural resources and aim for a sustainable world.

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