About Us

MULTİ SEEDS Tic. Ltd. Şti. is established on 1994. It's main Office and reserach station located in Antalya – Türkiye.

MULTİ SEEDS has been concentrating only on vegetable seeds from the beginning on. MULTİ SEEDS is the specialist of vegetable seeds.

MULTİ SEEDS provides the best varieties meets the market needs, to its customers.

It is an exclusive distributer of the Nickerson zwaan b.v. – Holland belong to Group Limagrin which is the worldwide largest vegetable company.

MULTİ SEEDS has been breeding especially fm tomato and pepper as well as other vegetable species with its own capital and knowledge.

We belive that it is not enough to sell the seeds, MULTİ SEEDS follows up its products from the grower to consumer by its well experienced angineers.


  • To add more value to the sector,
  • To satisfy who trade, produce and consume,
  • To work constantly and determinedly for success,


  • To be aware of our responsibilities in sector,
  • To be successful with the right variety in every segment,
  • To be with sophisticated, educated staff with team mind,
  • To consider satisfaction of everyone from grower to consumer,
  • To be the leader company.


  1. To look after our company, to do everything we can for its success,
  2. To give value to our subordinates and uppers, to help them to do their job best, to be respectful each other,
  3. To be respectful, reliable and frank to our country, customers, and ourselves,
  4. To make our staff seized our understanding of corporate identity, to make our working moral constantly at highest level,
  5. To give importance to customer happiness, and to present our services as we promise on time,
  6. To compete gentlemanly, legally and ethic with our sector stakeholders, to avoid unfair, wrong competition about the company, its product and staff,
  7. To protect human beings' life, to generate safe solutions with high technology to assure their nutrition,
  8. To use natural source the best and to protect environment.

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